Careers With Kaplan and Levitt Psychologists



Whether you are an early career clinician or have considerable experience, if you are a registered health professional and there is a good fit we want to see if we can find a place for you in our practice.


  • Clinicians at Kaplan and Levitt Psychologists have a wealth of experience in a variety of areas, and we are always learning from each other in a collegial and supportive environment.
  • We offer ongoing mentorship in all areas of our practice, including treatment, expert legal assessment, and advocacy work educating psychologists and others outside the profession about psychological services and the issues patients face.
  • If you seek growth, complexity and challenge in your work, you will find it at Kaplan and Levitt.


If you think you may be a good fit with our practice, please send a current CV and two de-identified samples of assessment reports for treatment planning or consultation, along with a cover letter introducing yourself to us, to