Faith Kaplan, Ph.D., C.Psych.


Director, Clinic Treatment Services

Dr. Faith Kindler Kaplan is the director of our treatment clinic. She conducts clinical assessments and treatment, and works together with other health professionals and other team members in the community to provide integrated care to our patients. Dr. Kaplan provides training and supervises the treatment services of other clinicians. She works together with Dr. Brian Levitt and Dr. Ron Kaplan to ensure quality in all aspects of our treatment clinic. Dr. Kaplan is also an integral part of our team conducting assessments as part of our expert psychological legal services. In addition to her clinical work within the practice she is involved in advocacy and liaison with other health professionals, lawyers, and government regarding the needs of patients with psychological disorders.  


Dr. Kaplan is co-chair of the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) Auto Insurance Task Force. She has worked on numerous submissions and presentations to government and FSCO as well as on the development of OPA Guidelines regarding best practices.  She has served on a number of FSCO working groups, including the development of the Minor Injury Guideline, and previously served on a Ministry of Finance Committee to review the Catastrophic Impairment definition and a FSCO committee developing the WAD PAF Guidelines. Since its inception, she has been involved in the working group on the HCAI system. Dr. Kaplan also represents the OPA in the Coalition of Health Care Providers regarding auto insurance. She is a founding member of Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment (CAPDA), and has also served on the board of Canadian Society of Medical Examiners (CSME).


Dr. Kaplan received her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina (1968) and Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from the University of Toronto (1977). She has a diploma in Insurance Medicine from the University of Montreal. She was licensed as a psychologist in Ontario in 1978 and is registered with the Canadian Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology. Dr. Kaplan received the Ontario Psychological Association Annual Award of Merit for 1998 and Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. In 2005 she was awarded the American Psychological Association Karl Heiser Presidential Award for advocacy.