Psychological Care for Injured Workers at Kaplan and Levitt Psychologists

Thank you for trusting us with providing care for your patients.

We now also provide psychological care under WSIB for patients who experience mental and behavioural disorders as a result of workplace injuries, traumas, and stressors.

  • New legislation has expanded coverage for workers with psychological disorders. The legislation now includes workers suffering from chronic mental stress disorders. Legislative changes also expand the coverage for “first responders” with PTSD to include more types of work places.
  • In addition, to better meet the needs of injured workers with psychological disorders the WSIB is initiating the Community Mental Health Program (CMHP). This program improves access to community based psychological care to injured workers.

We provide psychological services under this new Community Mental Health Program through the WSIB.

How to make referrals to Kaplan and Levitt Psychologists:

Referrals for psychological care under the WSIB Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) may follow a variety of paths. The worker may be referred by their family physician or any other treating health professional. Workers may also self-refer or be referred by a claims advisor.

A referral to Kaplan and Levitt Psychologists may be made by calling (905-529-5131) or faxing (905-529-7255) or completing our on line referral form ( with the worker’s name and contact information.

When we receive a referral we contact the worker. With the worker’s consent we will follow up with the WSIB to confirm the status of the claim and their agreement to fund the care for the worker. We will keep you informed of the status of our care for the worker.

Dr. Faith Kaplan, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Dr. Ronald Kaplan, Ph. D., C. Psych.

Dr. Brian Levitt, Psy. D., C. Psych.

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